School Olympic Games is an educational, encouraging and useful sports party that unites students, teachers and parents, and follows the principles of the Olympic Charter in its mentality, essence and rituals.

According to the School Olympic Games idea proposed by the Estonian Olympic Academy, it is not simply sports competitions that are held under the Olympic flag. A very important aspect of School Olympic Games is the relevance of the Olympic education period that precedes the competitions and during which, in different subject classes, children are given a different knowledge about the idea and history of the Olympic movement and have a chance to use this knowledge in different contests. Naturally, no School Olympic program can be complete without a Sports Festival that observes the Olympic traditions and is structured in a similar way to the real Olympic Games.

The aim of School Olympic Games is to introduce the Olympic idea and popularize sports by making sports life in schools more colorful. At the same time, School Olympic Games is not a national event in which only the best that have been selected in previous competitions can participate. If that were the case, the main goal of School Olympic Games – bringing the Olympic Games to every student – would be unachievable. 

To facilitate the realization of the School Olympic Games idea, the Estonian Olympic Academy has organised School Olympic Games’ project contests, the winners of which have received monetary support.